Homemade Songs

by Ben Blair

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released December 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Ben Blair Corvallis, Oregon

Ben Blair is a singer/songwriter from Virginia. Most of his adult life has been spent in the Sierra Nevada in CA, Austin, TX, and around. He now resides in Corvallis OR. He plays guitar, banjo, bass and drums. Experiences and influences from a wide range of musical genres have influenced his writing and style. country, rock, old time, folk, punk, bluegrass. He needs to make a proper record. ... more

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Track Name: Party for My Baby
yesterday we had a party for my baby
all here friends were there
in the corner her momma was crying
weren't a smile nowhere

there was a table full of catered hors-d'oeuvres
her daddy sprung for an open bar
the liquor didn't help much
to ease my nerves
i just wanna be where you are

yesterday we had a party for my baby
got a ride home in a black town car
all alone to that empty house
that's where you're supposed to be

everyone was dressed in their finest blacks
i had a red rose on my coat
that preacher did a real fine job
old man didn't even use his notes

when it was done they all stood in line
to come and shake my hand
i sure appreciate y'all being here
but you won't ever understand

yesterday we had a party for my baby
got a ride home in a black town car
all alone to that empty house
that's where you're supposed to be
that's where you're supposed to be
Track Name: Lucky Old Son
they say that i'm a lucky
a lucky old son
cause i'm always still here
when it's all done
with the outlaws and the drunks
and the broken hearted fools
the smoke blocking out the son
and them days without you

it's dark and it's dirty
when the drought ends it floods
the poor broken bodies
are all covered in mud
the singing sounds like dying
it's all choked up in tears
but they still call me lucky
cause i'm still here

the fields they're all barren
the meat it's gone bad
things now are a little worse
than what i once had
the trees are black and rotten
and the houses are too
but they still call me lucky
because i've made it longer than you

the good folks are all gone
ones even younger than me
the roots and the branches
torn from all the family trees
but they still call me lucky
i hear they still do
but i ain't sure i'm convinced
ain't believing that it's true

i don't consider myself lucky
to live in such a place
where i can't stand to look at
a single human face
where the snakes and the poison
have killed off all the birds
and i can't stand to repeat
a single thing i've heard

but maybe there's still somewhere
somewhere that's better than here
i place that i could find
maybe one of these years
a place where the smoke
don't block out the sun
and maybe one of these days i could have myself
a lucky old son
Track Name: Growing Up
here i am, i guess this is me
but i ain't sure i'm all i thought i'd be
but i never thought much
and it is

i love you my friends i know that you're there
but sometimes i forget because i ain't there
and i think about
what could've was


this place that i am is where i wanna be
but this place that i am ain't all it could be
cause you ain't here
and i guess that you won't

growing up i guess that it happens
but it makes me sad, cause it happens
and i guess
it ain't what it was

there you are, in another state
and here i am in another state
but not of mind
certainly not of heart

i guess that the feeling that i feel most
is the urge to embrace the ghost
of the thoughts i didn't have
and the dreams we didn't do


there you are, there i ain't
i've met the devil, i'd swear he's a saint
he know what i want
he knows you're the what

cryings a thing that we all do
and time's a thing that we all do
and i'm a thing
with or without you